The company Intecha, Ltd. work out projects in necessary scale in all professions (mechanical, civil, instrumentation) for elaboration of complete project documentation from studies up to detail design. Intecha ensure supplies, possibly mediation of supplies of equipment, piping parts, fittings as well as package units with regard to your special requirements. Intecha provides projects in a form of “lump sum turnkey basis”.

The company's scope of services includes complete engineering.

Intecha is capable to provide advisory, consulting and engineering services due to its own technological background and numerous contacts with many domestic and foreign companies. Intecha, Ltd. is design, engineering, procurement and trade company which ensures a large scope of activities for chemical and related industries.

In scope of this activity Intecha offers these services:

  • feasibility study
  • documentation for location permit
  • basic design
  • documentation for civil permit
  • procurement activities
  • detail design
  • construction and providing orders in a form of “lump sum turnkey basis”
  • EP or EPC contracts

This complete scope of activities Intecha, Ltd. offers in following branches:

  • refinery industry
  • petrochemical industry
  • environmental protection
  • power supply
  • storage of liquid and loose materials
  • manufacturing industry