Execution Time from: 09/2016
to: 02/2017
Execution Stage
Packaged unit
Client Indorama Venture Olefins LLC

Intecha designed and delivered two packaged units of highly efficient coke and steam-air mixture cyclone separators for Indorama Venture Olefins LLC ethylene cracker located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA.

High separation efficiency (99.9% of particles ˃5 microns) was achieved by application of advanced CFD modelling methods which led to flow optimization and equipment design including unique Coke Separation Chamber. We also used our long time experience in separation processes during the engineering phase.

Our own and state of art technology significantly reduces dust emissions during cracking furnaces decoking and contributed to receiving air permit for restart of customer’s cracker.

The packaged units also included steel structures for cyclone separators, complete coke discharge and handling system consisting of customized portable containers and flexible connections to cyclone vessels and slide gate valves for cyclone’s coke discharge nozzles.