Execution Time from: 11/2019
to: 11/2020
Execution Stage
Packaged unit
Client Indian Oil Corporation Limited

The aim of this project was design and procurement of a modular Coke Removal Unit (CRU) for the quench oil loop at the ethylene plant.

The CRU removes solid coke particles without any necessity for shutdown of the ethylene plant (EP), with no negative impact to the environment and to health and safety. The principle of the process is the continuous removal of solid particles in hydrocyclones with subsequent filtration in strainers and washing procedure to obtain a dry solid phase (coke).  This patented process of this system has been developed and is owned by Intecha (process technology).  Installation of the coke removal unit increases EP efficiency and significantly saves operational costs, increases operational life of the equipment and it also reduces contamination of the environment Incorporation of this process enables ethylene units to prolong operational cycles between shutdowns.

To minimize the site works at the customer, reduce execution time and assure high quality, the modularization strategy for this Coke Removal Unit was selected. The complete CRU was fully manufactured and tested in vendor workshop in the Czech Republic and then divided in 6 compact modules (4 pcs of the Cyclone/Strainer modules, 1 pc of the Header module and 1 pc of the Staircase) and transported by road to the Hamburg port. Keeping construction (main equipment, steel structure, piping, insulation, instrumentation, electro) in a workshop in the Czech Republic also helps to maintain low costs and increase safety.