In accordance with our company vision there were defined about future actions and intentions towards quality, health and safety at work and environment protection.

  1. The definition of ISM (Integrated System of Management) quality is full satisfaction of requirements and needs of our customers in compliance with rightful and other requirements.

  2. Full satisfaction of customers can we achieved only by effectivity in all processes, where are integrated quality requirements, health and safety at work and environment protection.

  3. The aim of top management is to:
    Motivate the employees to comply with ISM policy

    Ensure and provide resources for ISM
    Provide healh and safety at work. It is based on prevention, training and equipment of
    employee`s by personal safety equipment to prevent work injury, eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risk
    Provide products and perform work activities in accordance with scientific and technical knowledge in order to prevent the negative  influence on environment
    Plan, lead, manage and improve the integrated management system according to ISO 9001 standard, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 as an effective tool of company management.

  4. There are set up definite, time and measurable objectives, target values and programmes to fulfill the ISM policy.

Part of the ISM policy are principles towards ISM.

Complete definition of the ISM policy of our company is a part of ISM documentation.

The company Intecha has ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certificate.



Determination in terms of the product

ISM  INT includes

Design and engineering activities for

  • processing of complete project documentation from study to the implementation project including the documentation for zoning and building permits

Supply activity for

  • ensuring the construction of new or refurbished production units in form of the turnkey project,
  • supply of material and equipment
  • consultancy and advisory services for
  • procurement of machinery and equipment,
  • selecting, recommending and providing the best supplier

Definition in terms of departments

Overview of departments involved in the implementation of the ISM process is provided by the organizational chart INT.

Definition in terms of locations

Registered office / main workplace (IN property)
170 00 Praha 7
Argentinská 320/34
Phone +420 281 090 911, +420 281 090 912
Fax  +420 283 871 254

Dislocated office (office premises rental)
500 11 Hradec Králové
Machkova 587
Phone +420 495 272 390, +420 495 056 427
Phone / Fax.  ++420 495 056 452

Locations Praha and Hradec Králové according to the ISO 9001, ISO 45001 a ISO 14001 

Dislocated office
47506   Neukirchen-Vluyn
Raiffeisenstrasse  11
Phone. + 49(0)  28 45 39 73 861  Fax: +49 284 539 73 859

Deutschland  – only according to the ISO 9001