The general principles and values of Intecha, spol. s r.o. and are established in the Code of Ethics.
If you feel like they are broken or not kept, you are supposed to write on email



We are aware of our responsibility to the customers, business partners and employees. So, we have undertaken to follow clear policy which forms the framework for business and social conduct of our company.
For a long time, we have put stress not only on observance of the legal regulations in force within any business activity; we have also committed to act ethically and irreproachebly in each situation and to respect each individual’s rights.
We request all of our emplyoees and business partners to follow that.
The policy is reflected in the code of ethics which was adopted in Intecha, spol. s r.o (hereinafter only referred to as „INT“ or „Intecha“).


In response to more and more extensive requirements for ethical conduct made by customers, business partners and wide social environment we decided to issue the Intecha code of ethics. The primary reason for creation of the code of ethics is clear specification of the policy and rules of ethical conduct of Intecha and its employees, either outside the company or among each other. Further reasons are anchoring of the important principle of professional approach, strengthening of professional identity and employees’ responsibility. We aim to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct which allow us deserving our clients’ trust.
The policy is projected in the principal fields which are crucial for us.


This field specifies principles of company’s conduct towards its stakeholders, i.e. customers, suppliers and wide social environment.
Any negotiations and activities of our company follow legal and moral standards in force; and we expect our employees, customers and business partners to follow them, as well. We will not take part in business activities which are unethical, immoral, or illegal.

In any of our business and marketing activities, we respect correct business practice and routines, especially we do not provide misleading information, we do not participate in activities such as industrial espionage, or identity theft or concealment due to access to confidential information. We always provide accurate and complete information about our activities, products, and services, except for information carrying corporate business, technical, technological or organization secret, disclosure of which would harm our company. We collect information about our competitors, their services, products and marketing in accordance with legal regulations in force.
Cooperation of INT with customers and business partners is based only on quality of the rendered services and on professional relationships. So, we refuse to accept or present gifts or services, which might affect objectiveness of our business decisions, to our customers and other business partners. Minor gifts, such as advertising articles not affecting our decisions, the way of fulfilment of our duties or  not engaging us to countercharge, are permissible.

Company Intecha, s.r.o. is constantly pushing for securing ethical standards of its business, we constantly create an environment in which all forms of corrupt behaviour are rejected and ethical principles are observed.


•    corrupt behaviour in all forms is prohibited and is not tolerated by our company,
•    the Company complies with its obligations under anti-corruption legislation and other regulations that affect the Company's operations,
•    we ensure compliance with internal regulations and rules of human conduct,
•    we support and actively create a corporate culture based on integrity and personal responsibility of all those who work with our company,
•    top management actively communicates and promotes the Company's anti-corruption program internally and externally.

Anti-corruption policy objectives

  •    to maintain and promote a zero-tolerance attitude towards corrupt behaviour on the part of all employees and third parties working with the Company's individual partners,
  •    to minimize the motivation of all employees and officers of the Company to engage in corrupt human conduct,
  •    provide information and guidance on how top management takes in and solves human conduct corrupt issues to all employees and third parties.
Top management is responsible for ensuring compliance with the principles and objectives of the anti-corruption policy. Top management evaluates compliance with these one on an ongoing basis, as appropriate, and takes the necessary remedies and preventive measures where necessary.

We highly focus on the field of safety and health protection of our employees and business partners. This is an inseparable part of all our services and activities. We keep improving the implemented procedures and systems, aiming to increase safety and health protection.
When projects are realized in INT scope of activities, environmental protection is highly focused. This is proven by our own offered technologies, the main aim of which is to reduce impact of industrial activity on environment and thus to increase the environmental protection.
INT conduct towards political parties is politically neutral. INT does not give any donations to political parties, organizations or foundations which are closely related to political parties.


This section defines rules of emplyoees’ conduct towards the company. Employees’ behaviour towards Intecha, spol. s r.o.  is based on the principles of responsibility, loayalty, honesty and respect for company’s needs.

The employees are obliged to protect company’s property from misuse and to avoid acting in contrary to employer’s legitimate interest. The legitimate interest of the company, i.e. of the employer, is protection of any company’s intellectual property. So, each employee is obliged to protect company’s intellectual property, namely from misuse. While doing so, each employee is obliged to keep confidentiality of any facts which s/he might get to know in connection with performance of his/her job, except for using such facts in accordance with fulfilment of work tasks on behalf of the company.
Company’s business secret includes any facts of business, production or technical character associated to the company, which have real or at least potential, or intangible value and which are not generally available in the relevant business relationships. The employees are obliged to keep secret and protect the facts forming the company’s business secret. Approval for use of such facts to fulfil work tasks on behalf of the company’s interest may be only given by the director of the company or managers of the divisions. When business secret rights are violated or endangered, the company is entitled to request protection in accordance with the law, including lodging a complaint and applying for compensation for damages. Each employee who has got to know the facts forming the company’s business secret during his/her employment, are obliged to keep the confidentiality principle in this context even after the employment expires.

The employee is not entitled to conclude and agreement for work carried out beyond employment without approval of the company’s director. S/he shall be obliged to request the approval in written format and present any necessary documents to allow the director considering whether the director may agree with performance of the work beyond employment in the company.

The employees try to avoid any situation which might result in conflict of interests, when our professional decisions might be affected by our private interests. Relationships with competitors, customers or suppliers, which might result in conflict of interests must be reported to a senior worker. We do not provide consulting, or any other service  to INT competing companies. We do not influence process of supplier selection if we have any personal relationships with an owner or and employee of such a company. If any doubts persist employer’s consent must be requested.  

For the sake of safety and health protection, the employees are obliged not to consume alcohol in working time, and not to misuse other addictive drugs on company’s worksites and in working time even beoynd such worksites, and to come to the company when being affected by such drugs or alcohol. If needed the employer is entitled to carry out breathanalyzer test to detect consumption of alcohol. Such breathanalyzer tests are carried out in accordance with the Code of labour and company’s internal directives.

We show respect for INT property. We use company’s resources and assets for the purpose of work only unless otherwise specified. We spend working time productively and we do not perform private activities.


Ethical standards for human resources management are primarily devoted to fair approach to employees. We promote principles of creation of friendly working environment and relationships based on mutual respect, team work, frankness and workmanship, good manners and creation of company values.
The activities which are undesired in this field include especially:
•    Preferring any employees when hiring, appraising, remunerating, educating, promoting, etc., based on personal relationships and other criteria not related to worker’s performance or skills.
•    Providing incomplete information when hiring new employees, etc.
•    Differences in requirements for observance of company rules for "ordinary" employees and the managers.
•    Failure to keep personal information confidential.
•    Any annoying or attacking behaviour, discrimination and mobbing, and we always intervene in such behaviour.

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination of employees or business partners because of race, colour of skin, language, belief and religion, gender, sexual orientation, political or other opinion, membership or activity in political parties or movements, age or health, nationality, ethnical or social origin, etc. Child labour or any form of labour is absolutely inadmissible.

We provide our employees with up-to-date information about any planned changes which are related to their employment in the organization. 
Managing workers are obliged to show the way by following the ethical principles and to support good atmosphere in the worksite, especially by:
-    Paying attention to any problems and fears felt by the employees through providing suitable space and enough time to discuss them.
-    Supporting their subordinate workers when any problem occurs if they needed assistance.
-    Initiating cooperation among divisions and departments.
-    Supporting efforts for improving employees’ qualification.

Implementation of the Code of ethics will be monitored by managers; this should be evaluated regularly in company’s management meetings and form a part of system management review.