Polymer Production


Execution Time from: 2008
to: 2013
Execution Stage
Documentation for Building Permit
Detail Design
Client SYNTHOS Kralupy a.s.

The aim of a long-term cooperation is an execution of several projects in SYNTHOS Kralupy a.s. to modify expandable polystyrene (EPS) production plant.

The objective is to improve EPS quality and production, to reduce product loss and to improve environmental protection. It is a modernization of both expandable polystyrene production facility and adjustment and storage facilities.

Intecha, spol. s r.o. provided the project documentation from Documentation for Planning Permit to the Detail Design.

The following modifications were executed:

  • Pneumatic transport

Replacement of nitrogen transport medium for air in present EPS pneumatic transport to the dispatch silos. Mechanical and piping installations were provided with fire and explosion safety elements. The present filters were replaced to comply with current air operation and existing air pollution legislation.
Replacement of EPS nitrogen suspension transport from reactor to neutralization tanks by the new system of suspension pumping to save of strategic pressure nitrogen.

  • Screening

Modification of EPS granulate adjustment facility with the aim of product improvement – installation of a new EPS separator and EPS sampler before product expedition.
Modernization of current production technology in wet screening facility, i.e. installation of a new equipment (vibration screening machine, mixer, piping) and pump reconstruction followed by partial recycling of process water behind wet separator back to production to reduced wastewater product loss and wastewater contamination.

  • Mixing

A mixer was replaced by new machinery, including disassembly of the old facility and assembly of new mechanical equipment.
There are also included modifications of steel structures in the existing object and modifications in process of an additive dosing.