Execution Time from: 03/2008
to: 07/2009
Execution Stage
Lump Sum Turn Key
Client UNIPETROL RPA, s.r.o.

Design and procurement of a granulation line for production of polypropylene pellets.

The granulation line was installed in a four-floors building with dimensions of 24 x 37x 26 m and it was built to process polypropylene powder to various kinds of propylene pellets with respect to additives. Produced pellets are sorted according their particle size then they are homogenized. After homogenization the pellets are transported to storage silos.

The project consisted of construction of buildings, a steel structure, assembly of granulation equipment including the design of the control process, procurement of silos (a buffer silo and homogenization silos) and procurement of pneumatic conveying lines and equipment.

Basic operational data:

  • Capacity of the new polypropylene granulation line: 250 kt/year
  • Capacity of the new buffer silo of polypropylene powder: 100 t
  • Capacity of the homogenization silos: 4 x 200 t
  • Capacity of the pneumatic transport: 40 t/h